Thursday, October 2, 2008

Start 'Em Out Early

     A blogging friend of a friend recently published a post on her blog, a site which I frequent. What she wrote about was quite disturbing, and I thought the subject warranted another post.

       Apparently, multiple videos are being posted on the web of a bunch of cute elementary-age kids singing, shall we say, worship songs to- Obama. Yes, that's right, a whole chorus ebulliently singing lyrics about peace, unity, tolerance, and what a great leader Obama will be. The song sounds like a simple chorus melody- perhaps the kind of music style that some kids are taught to sing in church. It's awful. But it soon gets worse:


       At this point in the sickening song, the children seem to be shouting a rallying call- something that might be expected from kids parroting communist or fascist propaganda.

Here's the video. Don't enjoy:

Now watch this one:

Blogger Kim Priestap writes on WizBang blog: 

     "These kids are already being taught to worship Obama as if he were some kind of god. That's what kids in North Korea, Cuba, Saddam Hussein's old Iraq, and other totalitarian regimes were taught to do as well. The purpose is if they grow up seeing their leaders as god-like they're less likely to rise up against them."

    Just the other day we received a Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, which featured a special report on North Korean Christians. When telling of the idolatry that all North Koreans are forced to participate in, reporter P. Todd Nettleton writes: 
    "North Korean children are taught to sing worship songs found in a book of 600 'hymns' that give praise Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il, the nation's current leader."
     Should we be encouraging the same thing?
     This is where evil rulers, and people in power, are smart. Indoctrinate the children, and they will stand up for you and your evil when they are older. They will love you, unless their hearts are mercifully changed. If only more parents would love God and "indoctrinate" their children with the knowledge and love of Christ, instead of blind worship of wicked rulers. That would be "change" worth being excited about.

 Thanks to Exurban League for the picture-


Jessica said...


Miss Ellie said...

Very well put, Natalie!
Those videos are just so sad! I feel really bad for those kids. I doubt they even know what they are doing!

Thanks you for your comment on my ED post! Would you mind explaining in more detail to me what exactly "rubbed" you wrong in those books?
( don't worry you are not alone in that view!) you can leave a comment or you can email me! I am working on part two.
Thanks a lot!
See you later!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is SCARY! But God is in control and we have no reason to fear even if he does become president. We know where you're going!

Natalie said...

Right, M.J.!

Follower of Aslan said...

Hey Natalie~

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Don't sweat about adding my blog to your blog lists.... it's okay! :)

Thanks for the comment... talk to you soon~

In His Love,

Mamaduso said...

Hi Natalie,

that is so scary and sad. I couldn't watch the video.

I'm checking in to see if there might be any chance you could come watch the girls for me on Friday the 12th. I know the tea is the next day and we are excited to come. SO if you are helping to get ready no worries. Just thought i would check. Mr. D has his work party that night.