Friday, February 27, 2009

My Belated Birthday Post

Last Saturday, I turned 15. After a week, I've become somewhat used to this age. There is plenty of rubbish circulated about how fifteen-year-olds suddenly morph into veritable monsters, then without warning get the peculiar urge to climb out of upstairs windows, and run away- but have no fear, I am not about to do any of the aforementioned.
I did take some pictures, which I'm now going to post...

Behold the Gorrilla Pod, that my parents gave me. I love it. It's legs can bend, and grip onto almost anything. My camera screws on the top. (Another plus is that toddlers to love it. Or at least Jerome). Right now, it's sitting on my desk, calling me to take pictures. Well not really, since taking pictures at night generally irritates me. (I have serious quality problems in low light situations....)

My dad and I went out to breakfast in the morning, and later my mom and I went out to do some errands. We picked up some things for later that night, then went and had lunch at Starbucks- all the while making the dog sit in the back seat. 
This is me wasting time before I had to go sing....

Here I am singing in a classical music "competition" at the community college. Well, I don't particularly like to call it a competition, but I guess that is what it was. I certainly wasn't in it to win. My teacher, a few of her other students, and I practiced in a tiny room down the hall which felt like an interrogation chamber, or a public restroom. If you ever have a chance to sing opera in a walk-in closet- do it. If you ever have a chance to sing opera in a public restroom- don't. Those are wise words- I suspect Italian does not sound good accompanied by tree-saving hand dryers. That was probably the only time I will ever get to hear a selection from Handel's Messiah (an oratorio, which, in my opinion is one of the best things ever written) sang in such a small room. Of course I didn't sing that- I didn't even get to practice at all. Which was fine with me. When I am nervous, I don't worry about practicing. I sweat, shake, and get extremely thirsty. What was very annoying about my performance, is that my lips became completely dry as I sang the first strains of the first song. Consequentially, I had to lick my lips while I was listening to the evaluation- an act I hope wasn't too noticeable. 

The dog decided to move up to the front seat while I was inside singing. Yes, she did do a lot of sitting that day. Man, I love valet parking...

Later that night I had some friends over to make jewelry, and watch a movie. After some deliberation and a few moments of Tea With Mussolini, we decided to watch Finding Neverland. (Later our brothers turned up their noses at this one- probably wondering why anyone would want to watch a movie about the kook who wrote Peter Pan.) Anway, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed laughing with everyone- about various things. Unfortunately the inside jokes, etc. got so funny I could hardly look over at them sitting on the couch with out almost busting up. Yes, strange I know.

(Can you believe they actually had to remind me to go and get my camera?)

 Thanks for coming girls! I had a really fun time!

By, the way, I did find out what part I got in The Emperor's New Clothes, Chinese style. I'm the empress, and my mom and I are currently concocting plans for a ridiculously large headdress and fan. I get to faint, which will be fun- though not as fun as dying. I just realized that last year, during Alice In Wonderland, between the countless rehearsals and six performances, I was beheaded over a dozen times. Off stage, of course. But I was able to give a good gusty scream every time.


Miss Autumn said...


Thanks for having us over!! It was a lot of fun! :)

That is neat that you got to be the Empress!! And you get to faint!!! What could be better may I ask!?!! ;)


Kathryn said...

nice picture!!!!