Friday, April 24, 2009

Opening Night Photos

These are not the "professional" shots, but I was actually very pleased with how these turned out. (Thanks mom! :)

Me, Lindsie, and Nick in the Emperor's "palace." You can see "Bill Sike" in the backround. (You know the big purple thing?) 
So here I'm supposedly "having a battle with my fan." An epic battle. Very epic. In the finale dance I'm supposed to move "epically slow," but I find this difficult sometimes, as I have to keep up the pace so I can weave through the crowd without getting hit on the head with a flag, or bumping into a parasol dancer.
I'm going to miss having a fan after all our performances are over. Fan, you and I have had a long journey together. 

In this photo I look kind of depressed, and Lindsie appears to be choking on smoke. But's it's a good picture anyway.
One of the last scenes. The rest of the picture was quite hilarious, but it didn't translate so well into a photograph. You know what I mean.

And yes, I was asked multiple times for my "autograph." I don't think I've ever written my name so sloppy. My cousins and brother ran around getting autographs, but they waited until the theater was practically empty to get mine.

I'm still thinking about posting the TV interview a group from our cast had last Tuesday. But I'm not so sure...hmm.


Miss Ellie Snider said...


Love your outfit :) You look very elegant in black hair...really you do. You should consider dyeing it that way....JK ;)

I love Susanna's face in the third to last picture :D

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

We had so much fun watching you.
You did a fabulous job.

I managed to get a few good face shots during the play. Will send them soon.

to you.