Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pictures! Dashes! Essays!

Right now, I'm sitting on the couch, thinking about writing an essay. Which is to say- I'm procrastinating, although I think I've got a good excuse for not working on it since it's Sunday night. I like writing, I just need the extra push to, well- get moving. But as you can see- I'm sitting here instead, posting. You can also see that I have a tendency to overuse dashes- I can't help it, they're just so convenient.

So now for some pictures, since I seem unable to put together a good blog post without them...

We went down to the track last night to watch a meet. Most of the races were run by decent runners, who competed in the Olympic Trials earlier this year. There were a few kid races, one of which my brother Louis participated in. Louis ran, I took 390 photos, and Gabe just disappeared. Which is pretty much the case wherever we go.

I like watching track meets. I like the colors, the idea of moving fast, and the idea that there are essentially no rules.

I've learned that volunteers are infinitely easier to photograph than the actual runners- mainly because they stand still most of the time. There is nothing more frustrating then making a feeble attempt at decent sports photography, and ending up with fifty blurry pictures of various runners' spandex covered bodies jetting past as they attempt to break a record I know absolutely nothing about.

For the last race, all the spectators were allowed down on the track to cheer on the runners. Picture something like the spectators at the Tour de France. Minus the streakers waving French flags, of course.

Well- that's all for the track photos.  This week I hope to finish my Algebra 1 text, complete level seven piano syllabus, and finish that essay. I should have some more photos of something- not sure what.

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Elizabeth J. said...

Neat pictures! Thank you for following my blog-I appreciate it.