Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poppies Make Me Happy

And no, the title has nothing to do with opium. I'll probably add a texture to this one eventually, but for now you get to see this flower in all its pure, natural beauty...(With some saturation adjustments, of course. Who did you think I was? A S.O.O.C. person? No offense to those talented people who can be content with untouched pictures- it's just not my thing.)


andrejerome said...

It sounded mighty suspicious when you said they made you happy.

Kylie said...

Hi Natalie,

Thank you so much for your comment! Your compliment was so sweet - it made my day! It is so neat to know my blogging is esteemed. Your blog is also very thought-provoking, and one of my favorites.

Of course I would be willing to answer some questions! That would be wonderful! I think your questions will expose some areas of Ignition that we may not have covered yet. Do you need my email address? You may already have it, but if you need to email me the questions, you can send them to our KOF email address at (Just a thought - I can see if Catey would like to answer the questions as well.)

Thanks so much for offering!

In Him,

Miss Autumn said...

Poppies make me happy too! ;)
They just look so....HAPPY!! :P

I can NEVER leave a photo untouched either, it bugs me if I don't... :)