Saturday, May 23, 2009

Because I'm A Mean, Nasty Minimalist

So I've started a new blog. Not to replace this one, though. The new one will be my "boring" blog, where I post more text than pictures. 

And for all you folks who were going to make a magazine with me? Well, I stole the name for my new blog. Because I highly doubt that thing was ever going to get launched. (I'm not giving up the idea entirely....just sayin'.)

Expect more posts on this blog- many more. I just made a new site to house some posts and blurbs that might be out of place here. Because I never could figure out if I was a picture nut, or a text nut. 

I've noticed that some weeks I'll only post photos and updates about my life on this blog, and other weeks I'll be posting ridiculously long rants about various things. So I figured it might be nice to have a perfectly simple black and white blog where I can post more school-oriented things. So go visit the Typewrote Misquote, a rather boring blog with few pictures. Although there is a very amusing one posted now.....

On a related topic- I'll be posting an interview with the editor and writers of K.O.F. magazine on this blog in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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Kylie said...

How fun! I always loved the name Typewrote Misquote. What does it mean, exactly? I think your new blog is quite creative, but I think it would have been fun if you did the magazine version.

I can't wait for this interview! I'll send over the questions ASAP.