Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obese Lions And Obama Bucks: A Venture Into A Bigger City

     Hmmm....where to begin? Today we drove to get to the site of the parade in one of Oregon's bigger cities- in honor of my grandma's birthday. Of course the parade wasn't in her honor (too bad it wasn't!)- we were just driving up with our grandparents to enjoy the day together. I took about 380 photos- which has become an easy feat for me to accomplish in one day. (Yes, I know I'm obsessed.) I ended up with some rather odd "street photography" (at least in my opinion), as well as some shots of, well, us. I used my zoom to take close-ups of strangers- so don't worry. 
     I got yelled at in Boston last year by some guy on the street who probably thought I was photographing his (possibly?) illicit activities. (I was actually trying to take a picture of a building. You can read the whole story here.) But who am I to say he was doing something illegal? "Innocent until proven guilty," I guess. Perhaps he just wasn't feeling very photogenic that day. So that was my first introduction to street photography, and since I've been mortally fearful of making people feel uncomfortable. But that doesn't stop me from taking pictures.

      So if you're some random person and you find your picture up here, please don't sue me. Think of it as an honor that you get displayed on this blog in all your costumed, or sticky, or irritated glory. Really, I mean it. I've chosen to convert a lot of these to black and white, although there are I few that I decided to keep colorful. Most of the pictures were taken BEFORE the parade, so they don't look very "paradish."

So we drive, and park. The boys look like they're planning something in this picture.

I love old fire escapes. I doubt I would love one if I had to use it- but those things are visually pleasing.

Chinatown in the city. I don't know why they didn't just call it "China Street." I really want one of those lions to go on our front porch. I mean, who doesn't want an obese lion on their front porch? 

Eating some really good Greek pita wraps we bought at an outdoor stand. The area around Chinatown apparently holds many good things- obese lions, pita wraps....I wonder if the pita wraps had anything to do with the obeseness of the lion? Probably not, since "obeseness" is not a real word. Anyway, moving on.

To finger-licking-man eating cotton candy: I sincerely apologize for catching you in such an awkward moment. 
(To my dear readers: It's a zoom! It's a zoom! And no, I did not ask him to start licking his fingers. It's probably good I don't go downtown here on Saturdays.)

Random kid no. 1.
This would have been infinitely better if I knew the kids. But my own brothers and cousins were seated in front of me, leaving me and camera to explore the general populous.

Jerome (aka "Bobby") my brother. (Explanation on that to come.)

Cousins again. 

Family waiting for the flower-covered floats and marching bands.

This guy was making me and my little point-and-shoot look seriously wimpy. But I'm happy I don't have to drag that behemoth around. He was waiting for the first parading people to come down the street....It's a wonder he didn't get mowed over by some cheerleaders. Especially good he wasn't taken down by some of those angry ones, who had to wear ugly costumes and didn't get bows in their hair. *shiver*

This photo is dedicated to my blogging friend Hannah, who once said she'd start an amateur bokeh club with me. I know this is a really bad photo, but it represents what I've been trying to "accidentally achieve" the past few weeks- pure and colorful bokeh. The problem? Well, there's really nothing else in the photo.

Sorry about more random kids. I just love the b&w effect in this one.

My cousin's shoes.
Caylie's chalk.

Some kid riding in a parade car...

There were essentially three different kinds of people in the parade. The "rodeo princesses" and their ilk (who must have had amazing face muscles to sustain cheery smiles for 4 miles), the seemingly bored marching band members, and the guys like the mayor, who got to ride bicycles. (I sure feel sorry for the people who had to simultaneously walk, play the tuba, and read sheet music.) And then there was an elderly man who fell asleep in the back of a float, or a car- I can't exactly remember which. I doubt it was the "Beauty and the Beast" float because the gargantuan savage made out of two tons of brown flowers sitting on top of the moving platform made enough noise to keep anyone awake. (Seriously. It's a good thing the casino float that followed provided us with some sort of Native American elevator music. Personally, I preferred the mariachi band. But hey, whatever keeps us awake.)

A horse!
Random kid no. 2.

My cousin.
The city. Taken while running to the best book store ever. Yay! No beasts!

During the parade a bike group went by with roses in their helmets.

So now for some of the color shots:

So now a funny story to end this post......Before the parade someone walked down parade path and handed out "Obama Money" worth a "trillion." On the back was a tract-like message sharing the gospel message and asking the "one trillion dollar" question- "where will you go when you die? The tract mentioned that we're all sinners, and mentioned stealing, adultery, among a few other things.
Some time later, a police officer at the parade got a call saying that some guy tried to pay for his gas with the Obama Money....I guess the gas-station attendant didn't notice right away. I find it highly ironic that the guy tried to steal using a piece of paper that warned about the evils of stuff like fraud!

Hope you all have a good week!


in company with sparkles said...

I love the random people photographs!

The 'trillion' money is ironic, looking at Obama's inflationary, spend-happy ways ;)

Mia said...

Hi Natalie!

I found your blog through Morgan, and really love it! I'd love to follow your blog if you don't mind.

Your photography is very good, I really enjoyed looking at it. (I love photography too!)

Morgan said...

Hello Natalie!
Thank you for entering my Diptych are the WINNER! Please check the blog post to see what you've won. have a lovely eye. ;)

Elizabeth J. said...

Love those black and white pictures. Congratulations on winning the contest!