Thursday, June 25, 2009

Randomness (A title that should henceforth be banned)

The dog is depressed.

Either that, or just tired. But for an animal that gets 18+ hours of sleep- I highly doubt that's her problem. She's not athletic at all. Last year she could barely walk 7 miles during our local 4th of July walk. (4 mile walking course+ 3 miles back home). Suffice it to say she's not coming this year, in part due to last year's humiliating event. (Post to come). But any of my readers who lives in this area should! My mom and I are doing the walk, and Andre signed up for the run. It's tons of fun- I guarantee if you come with us you'll have a good time! Really! I don't usually guarantee things, but given the fact that free bagels are provided at the end pretty much seals the fun part. (If you walk fast enough you might get some watermelon. But the runners usually beat everyone else to it). So you have no excuse not to come walk with us, if you live around here! (You know you want to...)

On another random note: I was sitting in the car this evening while my mom was buying barbecue fuel from a guy who runs a business from his  home. My mom got in the car, and just when we were about to leave, the barbecue man went past the car window- and seeing that I was typing something on my mom's phone, tapped on the window and asked me if I was texting. We rolled down the window to learn his granddaughter's text messaging record- and I think I shocked him by saying that I've never sent a single text in my life. (And I really have no desire to do so.) I didn't even bother to explain what Twitter was. But I did mention a national texting competition.
You can read the full story here.
I'm inclined to laugh at this sort of contest. I mean really, what kind of achievement is that? I find spelling bees more impressive:)

Oh, and two more pictures to round off this post...

I finally found the perfect photos for my bedroom wall. You've probably already seen them already- I love the way they turned out on photo paper.

And part of my desk...just because. I made my pencil-holders out of bean cans and pasted cardstock labels on them- pleased with those, too.
The b&w pictures were taken in Boston last year.

Oh and thanks to the kind people who have been leaving me comments. As you can see, my blogroll is growing:)

Until later,



Ellie Snider said...

I was really excited about the walk until I heard that it started at 8:00 in the morning. I normally don't believe in getting up that early in the morning on a holiday (any day actually) and I really don't believe in going to bed early just so you can get up early in the morning. That's just so wrong I don't know where to start. haven't sent a single text message? How very interesting.

grace said...

Thank you for your post Natalie! :D It's so wonderful to meet bloggers (and fellow christian homeschoolers!) who share a passion for abolition. Hope to be able to talk to you more in the future!