Sunday, August 2, 2009

Photo Shoots With Susanna

Taken a week ago....On our porch:

I love love love how these turned out. Isn't she pretty?


Taken yesterday evening around a nearby high-school building. The colors of the highschool are kind of ugly- forest green and white. But there's plenty of space to take photos with all the blank outside walls and grungy steps. I love grunge. Not as much as frilly white dresses though...
I actually don't mind that green in this picture.
I didn't mean for this one to turn out to serious. Trying to avoid "the camera smile" I told her she didn't have to smile.

I think she was trying to pull weeds out of the tulle in her skirt...sometime before this I'd stopped asking her to pose.

And my favorite:

Altogether I was happy with how the last set turned out. A bit moodier than I'd planned, which is fine with me- but next time I'll probably try to lighten things up a little. (Not literally.) The white dress in front of the white building was a mistake, in my opinion, but I got good lighting- the only thing I REALLY care about! ;)

All for now!



Meg said...

Hi Natalie :)
Lovely new format, and gorgeous pictures. Is Susanna your sister? Tell her I think she is gorgeous!

Sarah E. said...

Wow! Cool pictures. :)

Ellie Snider said...

Wow, Natalie!! I'm really impressed! You really have a talent for this. I love all of them but especially #6. She is indeed, a beautiful model!

Samantha said...

Love them all, especailly the one with the green :)

natalie said...

Thanks girls:)

JESSICA said...

Very lovely, Natalie. The shot on the steps is great!

Elizabeth J. said...

Great pics, she is one adorable little girl. Oh, you're welcome for the blog award.=)

Meg said...

Hi Natalie... I've tagged you :).

Gabrielle said...

Excellent pictures. I posted some pictures on Blessings of Laughter yesterday, maybe I'll add more. But I really do need a new camrea! But God has blessed my little Kodak with amazing pictures for 4 years. What kind of camera do you have Natalie, and how do you like it?

in company with sparkles said...

Gorgeous girl and talent!

Joy said...

I like the one where she is looking up in to the camera. Great photos.

Miss Autumn said...

WOW! That last one is really amazing, LOVE IT! :)

You take the greatest pictures Natalie!