Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Thoughts Part IV-My Vintage Life

I love neighbors who put their Christmas lights just a few days after Thankgiving. It's foggy tonight, which makes me happy. I love fog. Those were two very random things, but they go together so well.
My lovely sister Susanna after my mom did her hair this morning for church.
The bookshelf in my room. I certainly haven't read all of the books pictured. And I probably won't get to them all. I do know however, that my meeting with Augustine is pretty certain. Can you spot The City Of God? Bleak House and The Gulag Archipelago will not be finished any time soon. Books from other shelves in our house often end up on this shelf. What can I say? I occasionally pick them up. I'm not really into any books now. (I start a new school book tomorrow.) What books are you all reading?
piano keys
A photo of piano keys I took while at my relatives' house this past week. My cousin started taking lessons this past year....I have a feeling he will catch up with my brothers and I soon:)
Brick-polaroid! I'm obsessed with textures and soft colors. Sorry.
A few years ago my dad bought the dog you see sitting on our front porch. Funny thing is, it kind of looks like Lucy when her wool is short. (And no, she is not a sheep.)

Thus ends Saturday Thoughts Part IV. I hope you all have a blessed week!
I'll be doing a few choir-related things like singing at the mall and at a church. If I haven't told you already, the gospel choir I sing in is part of my school not my church. I'm loving it, but not exactly looking forward to practice tomorrow since I confirmed this morning that I'm still unable to sing high notes. Although this unfortunate state of affairs should teach this bad alto not to join the sopranos when she can't remember her own part. Ahem, Natalie.

AND......the Cousin Party continues on next week when aforementioned relatives come down to OUR house to watch a big college football game.


Samantha said...

Love all the photo. I like the bookshelf one the best :)

Ellie Snider said...

Wow, love that picture of Susanna. Everytime I visit your blog I'm always taken back by the pictures on your posts. I LOVE your photography so much. Stick around for my wedding, K? ;)