Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post Of The Year

Happy New Year! I was babysitting for my neighbors last night so I really didn't have a choice whether or not to stay up. (Technically I could have gone to sleep, but what babysitter risks being found in a stupor when the parents get home? You tell me.)

My neighbors have two very well behaved kids who have become remarkably fond of the Photobooth program on my laptop. But all good things eventually come to an end, and I could tell that leering into a "fun house mirror" was getting old. So I showed them pictures of photo- shopped animals. You know, bits of pictures that have been stitched together to form bizarre creatures. Most were very funny, and harmless. However, I accidentally pulled up an image of a wolf-spider/grizzly bear combo that still creeps me out a bit. Won't be doing that again.

So I put the kids to bed and spent the rest of the evening watching parts of Dickens movies and BBC Narnia clips on YouTube. (Am I the only one who thinks the old Lucy really needs a new hairdo?)
After that I spent the rest of the year reading the last paragraphs of the prophetic books in the Bible and watching the clock. I like good endings. The clocked turned to twelve, and it was a new year. Immediately fireworks started going off and the dog started to whine.

It was a very nice evening, even though I was really tired. Four late nights in a row have convinced me that I never, ever want to pull and all-nighter. Don't try to change my mind. Even though I'm notorious for staying up late.....I could never do it.

In closing, I will post this picture:

Yes, it's me. I'm currently experimenting with taking full portraits of people that include surroundings. Mostly so I can practice with textures. I tried to do a photo shoot with my two-year old brother today, but he became remarkably grouchy. I didn't even ask him to pose! I guess the paparazzi can get tiring after a while.

I've heard that brothers will often critique their sister's outfits. None of this sort of thing has ever gone on in my house. Probably because I am the oldest. Louis, however, has decided that my clothes ought to be compared to......various other garments. Take the above picture, for example. I am wearing, according to the eleven-year-old Louis, a "striped prisoner's suit that has faded so much the stripes have turned gray." Apparently I'm also wearing a hat with a "black rose of death on it." (This is peculiar since my family tends to be unpoetic.) I also own a tan shirt dress thing that Louis dubbed my "girl scout" uniform. (Notice the "uniform" theme....)

In the new year, I look forward to hearing more of all my siblings' profound insights- be they odd, or just plain alarming.

I wish you all a blessed year!



Ellie Snider said...

Welcome to the begining of the many long years of brothers commenting on clothes you have ahead of you :P Sometimes it's really scary to see how they think...

Ps that is an adorable outfit! :)

Esther Zimmerman said...

I LOVE the's awesome. You should do the Feelin Feminine challenge with me! Your outfit is incredible...

Megan P said...

Happy new year! And beautiful pictures.

I like that outfit a lot. And I know how it feels having brothers comment on your clothing! Ha ha. =)