Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hybrid Sports, or Why I'm Proud To Be A Conspicuous Pedestrian

I love hybrid sports. I mean- I don't like participating in the well-known ones, I just like the general creativity behind them.

When I was younger I read a newspaper article about Extreme Ironing- an activity which requires participants to wield an ironing board in deserts, mountain terrain, and other wild places.
I told a few people about this wacky sport, and was met with faces of disbelief. So, if you were one of those doubting persons, behold! My words were true.

Chess Boxing is another hybrid sport. Competitors box for a round, then go to a table where a chess board is waiting. Personally, I think it's brilliant. Teachers have told me that physical exercise has a way of sharpening one's mental faculties. It just occurred to me that getting punched in the face probably does not count as exercise- but at any rate, it's fascinating.

I recently made up my own hybrid sport. It does not involve any violence, and is not particularly bird brained. Ok, so maybe it's just a little birdbrained- I'll leave that up to you to decide.

My sport has no name. Basically, I take pictures whenever I jog or run. Of course I stop to actually take the pictures- otherwise they'd be blurry. The camera is very safe attached to my big thick strap, and I have a small bag to put it in if necessary

Since I'm participating in the 365 project, I need to get at least a photo every day. It's hard to find interesting subjects. So I've decided to take my camera with me wherever I walk- or run. I see a lot of boring stuff through the lens. But sometimes boring things seem interesting back at home when I'm looking through my files after the evening busyness.
Here are some of my results:

There is a small hill about 3/4 of a mile from my house with a cemetery and park at the very top.

I like running up hills. Not.
The following pictures were taken while I was walking to my piano lesson today:

Despite the fact that this dwelling looks makes one suspect a highly-orchestrated marijuana experiment was recently conducted behind the door- I can assure you my neighborhood is quite safe. We used to have "Neighborhood Watch" meetings, led by a local police officer who made jokes about Smith and Wesson. I got my parents to let me go once by myself. Probably because someone made brownies. And because I just liked to be in the know. I always like to be in the know.

I would add more spooky house pictures, but I think I'll end now.

I will add- since my dear mother reads this blog- that on none of these trips did I stop to talk to strangers or enter the realm of drug dealers.

Just wanted, you know, to make that clear.


Elisabeth said...

Hahaha - you're great Natalie. Your blog has really become stellar over the past year or so.

Miss Autumn said...

I always think the same thing when I see that house! :)

Hannah Braboy said...

I agree with Elisabeth. :) Your blog is one of my favorites. Hopefully someday we can meet IRL, blog, and take photos together.