Monday, January 4, 2010

Sue: A Winter Photoshoot

[This is an auto-posted post written last weekend. At the moment I am sitting in class studying- and hoping my calculator is not too lost.]

My mom has been reading the Narnia series to my sister Susanna. As far as I know, she loves it. Recently my mom called home on her cell. Susanna picked up the phone. "Hi, this is Sue!" she said. When asked about her new "name," Susanna told us that she got the idea from the Pevensie children, who called Susan "Sue."

So here is my latest shoot with Sue:
I wanted to do something wild with this set of photos. I know over-the-top texturing can seem tacky, but I was pleased with how these particular shots turned out. I'm constantly inspired by vintage photos and stationery clippings, and I was trying to get that "old painting" effect with these.
Ok- what could be more unrealistic than a fence with a damask pattern on it? Really. It's absurd. But after processing this photo I've decided that you ought to be able to build fences with patterns on them. Life would be so much more interesting.
I only show you photos on here that I personally like. But unfortunately, I have billions (or so it seems) of photos that are really awful. Sometimes I'll take three-hundred photos of a couple kids only to find that ten really turned out right. That's ok- I'm learning.1262473537981_ff5a0
Susanna is such a patient model, but sometimes I'm so intent on getting the camera settings right I forget to tell her to smile. Not that I object to serious pictures, but I don't specialize in mug-shots. I like the one above though.
Hope you enjoyed this winter glimpse of Sue! I'm sure we'll be back with more portraits, soon.

[completely free textures found here and here]


Anonymous said...

these are really good natanlie!!!! my mom and I do like the brocade backround! very are very talented.

Joy said...

Wow! Those look great. I like the texture on the fence.

Anonymous said...

Prints, please...:)
I'll pay!