Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Days

So, as some of you may have noticed, I'm participating in the 365 photo challenge. Pretty self-explanatory. This doesn't mean I'll be posting every image one on this particular blog. I must say, January is not the greatest month for taking photos. The twinkly lights have been taken down, the picture worthy Christmas desserts eaten. Few flowers are blooming, and it often gets dark before I have time to take a few shots. I've come up with some very bizarre material- but for now I'll just show you a very uninteresting picture of some Oregon raindrops. Behold:

Perhaps being a native of this area has caused me to not get angry at the rain. Not that I always love it (won't lie!) I honestly don't care. Sometimes I even enjoy it. There are few things I do in the winter that can be spoiled by rain.

Because there is little to write about (besides Athanasius, weird dreams, tea disasters and vocal adventures) I will give you a brief look at what a typical January day looks like for me.

I get up. (Wow, that's an obvious one! You never thought I could actually do that, did you? It's not my fault I have superpowers.)

I eat breakfast and read the newspaper. The liberal newspaper delivered to our front door at no cost that never fails to hold my attention and make me angry. (Actually there are things I like about it.)

On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I get ready for school. For me, this involves doing the necessary things one does before one goes out in public. On any particular day I might be complaining to Andre about some pesky math puzzle or bemoaning the fate of my calculator and red pens, which tend to get lost.

The carpool arrives. Hello school! Most of the time I am ready.
After school, I come home and work on homework, check stuff on the computer, or practice piano for an hour or so. (And yes, this is a new development. For seven long years I mistakenly thought a pitiful 1/2 an hour a day constituted a good practice. And don't laugh you-who-dutifully-practice-five-hours-a-day. I only wish I had the mental stamina you do. Seriously.)

On Tuesdays I go to my voice lesson. These are rather important these days due to the classical evaluation that is waiting for me next month. Oh yay!

Math assignments frequently occupy my afternoons. I've become obsessed with listening to particular kinds of music while I study. Beethoven and Vivaldi are currently my favorites. (I understand that the combination of polar coordinates, deaf Germans and Italian priests can seem rather intense. I assure you it is.) Just so you know- this is certainly no musical snobbery. Symphony no. 5 is basically a cartoon soundtrack. (Of course maybe I just think that BECAUSE SOMEONE LET ME WATCH FANTASIA YEARS AGO AND NEARLY RUINED MY FAVORITE SONGS.) Not that I have anything against cartoons set to classical music. You just have to be....careful, that's all.

My latest night-hobby is taking my laptop up to my bunk and watching homemade documentaries that get me all depressed. But it's a good kind of depressed. The kind of depressed that really makes you think about serious things. Sometime soon I'll do an article with some thought-provoking links. But unfortunately, readers, that will not be happening tonight:)

NOTE: If, after finishing the last sentence, you come to the definite conclusion that this is somewhat of an inane post, you are perfectly right.

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