Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring Will Come

I love those winter days when weather makes you think it's spring. Those are good days.
I've said before that I wished I could eat bokeh. To me, it looks delicious.
This poor tree has been photographed so many times. What can I say? It's a willing (and stationary) subject. (The stationary bit is the real important part. It doesn't really matter what the tree wants.)
Buds make me happy.
Because soon, God's glorious creation will be blossoming.
I think they should hang pictures of branches and buds on the ceiling of dentists' offices' instead of Looney Tunes posters.

Because honestly, I don't get very excited over Looney Tunes.

I should go start a Facebook petition.


Anonymous said...

I love buds!!!!!!!!!


Andrew Anderson said...

First of all, amazing photos; I enjoy them much, despite the fact that I become envious whenever I see your photography (and Aviary ;) skills.

But the real reason I commented was to offer hope: My dentist has nice pictures of serene nature scenes on the ceiling, and not even *one* Looney Tunes poster...but he's in California.

Jessica said...

Natalie, these are very nice.. and yes, bokeh is yummy.. unless it is of dust on a gym floor.. then, I beg to differ. ;) Love the crisp white flowers, too!

in company with sparkles said...

Bokeh is beautiful =)

And I must say that though it may be on vacation from your parts, the sun almost permanently resides in ours! I'd be happy to trade it for a few thunderstorms in spring (but I love eastern life and weather)!

ourspareoom said...

So... springy :). What a gorgeous day; I feel warm just looking at it. I only have to look outside my own window to start feeling cold again (snow, slush, gray).

Hannah Braboy said...

Can I come over and eat Bokeh with you? I absolutely adore it. And newborn babies. Bokeh and newborns would have to make a lovely image!

I really like your style of photography, Natalie! It's so fresh, clean, bright, and relaxed. That's the way I like it.

Megan P said...

Those are, again, gorgeous photos. The winter weather and lighting has been depressing me, but I guess that those kinds of things are out there if I go look for them!