Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Thoughts Part VII- Why I like Winter

To be honest, there are lots of things not to like about winter in the Northwest (I'll leave you to imagine) but altogether I think this is a very nice season.

I'm not specifically referring to "Christmas winter," I'm talking about the stretch between January 1st and say, the 20th of March. Often bleak, although we did get a really warm winter a few years ago. (Don't you just love it when people move to your city during an abnormal-weather year?) are the reasons for liking winter:
  • There is rain. Lots of it. Your grass won't die. Although my grass seems to be suffering anyway from some bizarre malady, so I don't particularly care.
  • You get to wear boots. Boots are great fun.
  • You get to wear fun hats. Let's face it- summer does not exactly have the best headwear. Unless you're the type who can pull off (I mean put on) a really cute sunhat/straw hat, or you are in the habit of wearing cowboy hats (which are indeed good hats)- your options are limited. Knitted beanies, ski caps, heavy silk scarves, berets, and all other sorts of wonderful winter head coverings become uncomfortable when the temperature goes up fifty degrees. (I am speaking of my weather, please remember.)
  • You can listen to music like Vivaldi's "Winter" and make the excuse that you are "one with the season." In other words, you will not be called eccentric for breaking out of the season you are in.
  • There is generally lots of awful looking plant growth in the back yard to photograph.
  • You can drink gallons of hot tea, and add weird things like eggnog, heaving whipping cream, and cinnamon. (Provided you like hot tea. If you don't....then sorry.)
  • You are able to thoroughly enjoy the lamplight. (I would say candlelight, but that's somewhat impractical.) In the summer it's often too bright outside to appreciate Edison's genius.
  • Hey! My birthday is in February! I suppose this has little to do with most of you.....but anyway. It's still something interesting I can put down here.
  • You appreciate summer more in the winter. Suddenly those days when you sat out on a hot deck eating popsicles and predicting the cataclysmic future wherein The Great Swine Flu would wipe out half the population seem so fairy-tale-like.
  • You get to enjoy the new calendars you bought after Christmas. At the moment I'm staring at the image of a very mournful basset hound that graces the first page of the small dog calender Susanna gave me for Christmas. Maybe the hound is mornful because its breed was chosen to herald in the new year.

Or maybe because it's just naturally like that.


Anonymous said...

LOL I love the second to last one! :D
I heard that the people that think (Or know.) they have had swine flu should get T-shirts... "I survived the aporkelipse or 2009" :D

Anonymous said...

oh, my bad. that was me that posted that previous one. :D (Nathaniel Morse.)

natalie said...

I want one of those shirts! Except....I didn't "survive it." (Ok, that sounds really I'm dead or something.)

Samantha said...

Great post, I like winter for all the same reason you wrote :)