Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interesting Stuff...

Hello blog world. Behold the mighty pyroclastic flow:

(more on that later)

I didn't write a Sunday Thoughts post this past Sunday. Bad Natalie. Actually, I am not going to apologize. I was at church in the morning, then came home and successfully avoided the Superbowl by going to see a movie with my mom. There was one man in the theater. A very, very bored-looking man. So you see, I was busy.

I was busy Monday, too. Classes....homework. I'll leave you to imagine the grisly parts of trigonometry.

I spent Monday evening pathetically consuming cough-drops and watching a terrifying BBC documentary/dramatization of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. (The volcano responsible for wiping out the city of Pompeii.)
Even though I was more interested in the special effects, I did learn who Pliny the Younger was. Pliny escaped an epic (epic I tell you!) pyroclastic flow and somehow had the wits to write about it afterwards. I live vicariously through people like Pliny. (That way I never actually have to face a pyroclastic flow.)
I also read that Pliny wrote to Tacitus himself! The Tacitus who beleaguered me with horrid accounts of Roman malfeasance! They were probably in league together. But I still like them. They make my existence more interesting.

So enough of that.... I admit this is a somewhat pathetic post. It really didn't need to be written....just being honest here! But I was just out with a bunch of friends having an impromptu French-fry party. (Or maybe not so impromptu?) I don't want to end the fun by going to bed. But it's necessary.




Elisabeth said...

I approve of the word pyroclastic.

Megan P said...

I really like that picture. The colors are pretty. =)