Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Saturday Drive

My mom, sister and I went rode out to the country today. My mom wanted to pick up some flowers at a plant nursery, and I wanted to scout out possible locations for photoshoots. I know I've been posting way too often, but I just had to show you these sheep:

I've been down this road countless times, and always enjoy seeing these creatures- some of whom usually seem to be in a comatose state. I really do like sheep, but my attitude towards them can be summed up using the eloquent words of American general George S. Patton: "Follow me or get out of my way." (Technically, he said "Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way," but the idea of being led by a sheep is not particularly appealing to me.)
Looking at the picture above, I remember a civil war reenactment I witnessed a few years ago. To present an accurate picture of a battle during that time, the actors fell to the ground like possums and played dead. They did a remarkably fine job, and so did these sheep.

My favorite color combination.

I want to go sit in this field and read a book. But I might get distracted by the sheep that are probably hiding in the bushes. Terribly distracting situation, wouldn't you agree?

This orchard may look lonely, but in the fall- hordes of children congregate for the harvest festival. The highlight of this event is undoubtedly the free apple cider, although some may argue for the concert given by a couple of middle-schooled girls dressed up in pig suits. One of my brothers made the acute observation that we have no way of knowing the age of these people. My mom was then forced to point out that no other age demographic would do something like that.

Orchards are so much better in the spring, don't you think?



OH so gorgeous! these are stunnnnnning.

Hannah said...

GORGEOUS--lovely, beautiful photos! :-)

Kristen Moss said...

There is no such thing as posting too often, especially with eye candy photos such as these!