Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Walk In The Rain

My younger brother Gabe and I went for a walk in the rain today and wore rain boots so we could trudge through a muddy cemetery up to the park.

Rainy-day light can be so soft and exquisite.

We met an old guy at the top of the hill walking two small dogs. He noticed my camera and proceeded to tell me how he frequently shoots rainbows and sunrises at the top of this hill.

We soon became wet.

Is our Creator artistic or what?

He didn't find any snakes this time. Perhaps in the summer we'll find some basking on the large rock at the top of the hill.

From here we can see the city and various other hills.

I love my boots. When we were a few blocks away from home, however, I took them off and walked barefoot since my feet were hot.

Naturally, the sun came out as soon as I got home. At least it never hailed.


Andrew said...

Wow, really cool pictures! I think the second one is my favorite, how the trees and mountains gradually fade into the mist.

And good job on going barefoot, for part of the time =D You should try it the whole time next time though, then you will be cool like me and your feet will never get hot haha =D

Kristen Moss said...