Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interview With Miss Jessica from Chickiva Handbags

    I was recently able to interview my friend Jessica, concerning her new business- Chickiva Handbags. She sells her handcrafted rustic "Coffee Bags and Sacs," and a variety of other bags including her clever "Capri Sun Purses," and "Rope Handled Totes."

When did you first get the idea to sell handbags on-line? 
I first got the idea to sell handbags on-line last January, in a coffee shop with my dad. We brainstormed the idea of starting an on-line store and selling cute, quality, bags and wallets.

What was your first sewing project? 
One of my first sewing projects was a CapriSun purse (don't worry, it's much improved now!). I still have it... but prefer not to use it. ;)

What's your favorite thing about having your own online store? 
I enjoy having an on-line store because it is much easier to manage than a shop, and customers from all over the world can view my bags and wallets!

What are your plans for the future of Chickiva? 
My future plans for Chickiva include creating more bags and wallets, expanding my website, and finding more ways to create Eco-friendly bags! (Hey, who says handbags can't be practical?!)

What are your favorite kinds of bags to sew?
I really enjoy sewing the totes made from coffee sacs. It is a little bit more challenging than fabric, but also very fun!

Do you work on your sewing projects every day? 
No, I only sew about five days a week.

Where's your favorite place to sew? 
I have a small sewing room adjoining my bedroom where I spend most of my time creating the bags for Chickiva.

Jessica is currently working on completing her new website, and of course, sewing and photographing bags. She is now hosting a giveaway for one of her cute products. You can entert the giveaway on her company blog.


Jessica said...

Thank You for entering the Chickiva giveaway! I hope you win! ;)

Miss Ellie Snider said...

Great interview! I had the pleasure of seeing her first bag on Monday;)

SuperAngel said...

great interview! :)
glad you got to see Fireproof. I love it!
Miss Amanda