Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Demise Of A Multigrain Cracker

Being a photojournalist is great. I love shooting things. Some photographers get to take pictures of British subway stations, Brazilian jungles, and gleeful Chicagoans ecstatic over election results. 
I get to take pictures of crackers.
 Yes, that's right- not the most glamorous subject, but hey, they are multigrain. People simply do not know how sensationally dramatic cracker-photojournalism is.

And so I present to you, a story in photographs I appropriately call the "Demise of A Multigrain Cracker."


"Yep, with Mom, Gabe, and Susanna gone to watch Despereaux, and big sister pointing her funny black box at me-life is good with my best pal and a cracker." (I could just shake that dog for not looking up at the right time....arrrrg.)

                              He carefully places his cracker on the floor.

                                  But then fear enters his eyes...

"Naw," he says confidently, "Lucy wouldn't steal my cracker..."

                                           "Or would she?"

Why yes, Jerome, there is a good possibility that might happen. I have seen that sort of thievery before.

                     "Don't worry, I'll just eat it all before she can nab it."

The only problem is, he doesn't eat it all. Instead, he sets the remains back down on the floor.

                                  A cracker's eye view of impending death.

As the photographer, this pictures seriously creeps me out. Why? Because for once in my life, I am empathizing with a cracker. If you were a cracker, wouldn't you be scared looking at this, this- beast?

"I am watching you, cracker. Sincerely, the Sphinx." 
Sinister thoughts, Lucy, very sinister thoughts.


Anonymous said...

How cute!

Miss Jocelyn

Miss Ellie Snider said...

Lol! That was a very entertaining post!:P By the way, that is a really cute profile pic! Your hair looks a lot shorter! Did you cut it or is the pic from awhile back?

Kathryn said...

nice picture!