Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day In The Life Of

       A few days ago, after browsing a few blogs, I decided I wanted to write a "Day In The Life." You know, one of those blog posts detailing the doings of the writer from sunrise to sunset. These sort of posts are infamous, since they have a reputation for only heightening a blog's reputation for merely being adull and lethargic (or ridiculously mushy and exciting) recount of the writer's life.

     But I am going to actually write something about my day. You are welcome to do the same- you can be sure I'll drop by and leave a comment.

Got up. Didn't want to get up, but got up anyway. Went downstairs to eat breakfast. Can't remember if I read the liberal  newspaper, which invariably supplies our family with a host of obtuse letters to the editor  and a surpluss of logical fallacies. 

My grandma picked me up and drove me to math class.

Began a two hour algebra class. We worked on the computers. Or, that is to say, the computers did all the work. We did the thinking.

Memorized play lines in the hospital parking lot. No, there was no accident concerning the computers. I could make up an accident- but that would only waste time. How peaceful and quiet. 

11:00 Got home- checked my Twitter, blog, and Facebook. Also exhorted everyone to mentally sing St. Patrick's Breastplate. I had to do my duty since I didn't wear green.

11:20  Picked up Herodotus' Histories. Quite a tome, but worth reading.  Especially because if you read it, you can frequently use the word "tome." Which is just about the funniest word that exists.

12:00 Had lunch. Cleaned up.

12:45  Grabbed my binder and a water bottle, and ran out the door to drive to singing.

1:00 Sang! First talked about interesting subjects like the history of modern dress in old opera, stage voice, script lines, and how good we though Don Giovanni was. The opera, of course. Not the man.

2: 30 got home- did various tasks and things.

2:45  Had a cooking oil and coco powder milkshake. Ha! I will leave you to wonder about this one...

3:00 Practiced piano. More specifically, practiced the assigned modern pieces then pounded through a Bach fugue because I could hardly stand the dissonance of the aforementioned music.

3:45 Math lesson!

4:15 Various and sundry things....

4:45 Memorized lines. I get to faint three times, and laugh and cry in one scene... yippee!

6:00  Dinner. Discussed the Arnold Pent family, before I had to run off to....

6:15 Play rehearsal! I missed my brother. Since he doesn't appear in as many scenes as I do, he didn't have to show up tonight.

Well, there you have it. That's all I have to say- except that now Jessica has no excuse not to post;) I'll be watchin' my blog list.....

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Miss Ellie Snider said...

I loved it :) When I get back to blogging I'm sure I'll do one of those just to prove to three certain people who keep saying I never do anything that my day really is packed full =)