Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Preview....

Things have been busy around here because of the play. The performances aren't until late April and early May, but we still have to memorize lines, make crowns, and scour Goodwill for things like fake hair and gold flats. We found a suitable clump of hair tonight at Goodwill- that will probably be made into more mustaches and beards. Just don't tell the little girls involved in the play that the clump is indeed alive -er, I mean real, and it was "clumped" in Hong Kong. Maybe I've grossed you out- sorry. But I can guarantee that that hair-piece will be washed and dried before it's stuck under people's noses using sticky strips of costume tape. Ah theater. Last year we got to make red hoods that reminded some folks of Ku Klux Kan hoods- now we get to make crowns out of foam visors. When I brought one home today, my brother promply made the observation "that I would look like an old lady golfer." More like those camp kids, actually, who spend their days plastering foam decalls on foam hats that connect in the back with something suspiciously like a phone-cord. 

Thanks to my mom's wonderful suggestions concerning this glamorous hat, I am now very satisfied. 

I guess I could have just put the head piece on my head. But I figured that would be giving too much away. Besides, Chinese empresses don't wear sail-boat aprons. Actually, I don't know anyone who really does- besides myself.

Ha! You only get to see half of it. It's much more shiny and sparkly in real life.

Who knew what you could make with black fringe?

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