Monday, June 15, 2009

Various Things

For a long time, multiple people in my family have entered things in our county fair. June is the time when we "dust off" or more often than not- start cobbling together our entries. I can only enter three photos in the photography section, which is quite a disappointment:)

So here are the "contestants" or the photos I'm considering. (Bear with me- I know you've probably seen most of these already.)

Orange Poppy
This is one of my favorite flower shots I've taken.

Oliver Street
Still on the fence about this one....It was extensively altered, but could it fit in the Abstract/Altered images catergory?

Moody Statue
Here's another one that's too altered to be considered normal, and too normal to fit in the Abstract/Altered catergory.

Angry Lizard
I kind of like this guy. Not sure how he'll look blown-up, though....(I prefer to turn in large prints.)

CousinsAww....I like this one.
And I was pleased with how this picture of my sister turned out.

Now this friends, is rather wild.....You can read the whole story here, that I posted a week ago. Maybe this odd shot would go in the photojournalism catergory....I really can't say for sure. Of course I'm pretty sure I'd rather see my cute sister and cousin hung in a gallery rather than some random guy eating cotton candy! (Besides, the whole tongue-and-finger thing is a bit weird, don't you think?)

Only three....*sigh.*

My friend Ellie has recently returned to blogging- you can see her site, "The Glamorous Life Of A Laudry Girl" at

It's quite amusing. Especially the post she has up now about the woes of babysitting in a house full of Arabic books with no working computers. I recommend you go leave her a comment. Now. And while you're at it, you could leave me one too.....(just kidding!)

This Thursday I'm leaving with my dad and two of my younger siblings for our state's "desert area." If we don't come home after two days of poking around in the mountains, you can all feel free to send out search parties. We'll probably be sitting in our car in a ditch somewhere listening to Crime And Punishment - but we like company! I only have the capacity to take about 350 hi-res photos on my memory card. That said, I should have quite a few to post on here by Sunday. (I'll try to limit those "back-seat-face-making" ones. You know the kind?)

Till later,



Ellie Snider said...

I think the snake one will look really awesome blown up. I'd hang it in my room :D

I love "wild" pictures. SO different. It will really stand out at the fair!!

Natalie said...

Ellie: remember that big picture of a pincher bug your brothers used to have on their door? It would go real nice with the snake;)

Susan said...

Your pictures are just wonderful Natalie. I haven't thought about what to enter in the fair. Not sure we have much fair worthy stuff around the house. Although has been crocheting like a mad woman.

Miss Autumn said...

I really like the third one... and of course the snake one is really pretty neat, it looks like a picture out of one of those many snake books from the library.. ;)

But they are all pretty amazing!


JESSICA said...

I love the third one, a lot!

Mia said...

I've played the piano for six years, but this is only my fourth year taking. My mom kinda taught me for a while. How long have you been playing?

I like the third and fifth picture!
Is that a snake or a lizard in that one pic?!

in company with sparkles said...

I believe you should most definitely enter the last one of your sister. It's beautiful!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey Natalie,
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