Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mini Cupcakes

     Back in 2004, when I was ten, my mom and I took an evening Wilton cake decorating class at a local craft store. The instructor was a brisk, no-nonsense lady who had no qualms about vigorously brushing crumbs of the side of her cake or covering it with what seemed at the time to be a ridiculous amount of frosting. The whole setup was pretty simple- everyone enrolled brought a pre-baked cake to class every week, then learned and practiced simple icing techniques.
The owner of a local Dari Queen restaurant and a few of his employees signed up: I think there was six of us altogether.
    Every week a procession of cake- decorating students would file past the craft store registers carrying heavily-iced cakes into the August heat. I think the employees at the cash registers had been wishing that someone, anyone, would have a birthday- because on the night the Dari Queen man gave his cake to them, they seemed pretty happy. (Don't ask me where they got forks.....From the cake decorating isle?) 
    My mom and I would go home and eat cake while watching the olympic gymnastics taking place that month in Athens. (The boys had to wait until the next day to eat the rest.)

I enjoyed decorating cakes after the classes ended, even though I never learned how to make a perfect rose. (Or any flower, for that matter....)
Truth be known, there's a lot of other things I'd rather make besides an iced cake. I don't like the taste of shortening frosting- but it's supposedly the only kind that is good for complicated decorations.
Pies, breads, and scones are more appealing to me, but sometimes I enjoy decorating a cake. Or cupcakes. Despite the fact that frosting is one of the messiest things I've encountered.

I was reading Bakerella's blog recently, which inspired me to make these mini cupcakes yesterday for after church this morning. (Lately someone's been serving coffee- and often somebody brings something to eat.)

I was ridiculously pleased with how these turned out. I'm happier with simple frosting swirls rather than my flawed flowers;)
These were SO EASY to decorate. A bit time consuming because I made the cake from scratch though....
They were only about an inch in diameter. I have a thing for tiny pieces of food. So does the dog, I suspect.
Yep, I was right.

So I know sprinkles are not the most impressive decoration, but I just fell in love with how they looked on the pink icing. (It's the cream cheese, kind- by the way.)

I sympathize with this cupcake. But seeing how it's calling attention to itself I really can't feel too bad for it.


Samantha said...

AMAZING photos, there so tempting :)

My sister took the same kind of class a year or 2 ago :)

Miss Autumn said...

Those were SO cute!!! (and yummy!!!)
I totally need to make some now...all I have to do is find little cupcake pans! :)


Meg said...

Natalie, WHY do you keep posting adorable pictures of extremely tempting food? You are personally responsible for my growling stomach. :)
Actually, Lizbelle also took a Wilton decorating class. It sure was fun for us kids who got to eat the fruits of her hard work.

Elizabeth J. said...

Did you have to show all those? Now I'm starving for one. LOL! I was going to take Wilton cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby but I just got too busy. Great job decorating them, they look delicious.

Miss Kinsey said...

These look awesome!! Can I have the recipe?