Friday, September 4, 2009

Fix-It Friday

OK, so first let me say that I did not take the photo below. I feel a bit strange posting a picture of a kid I don't even know, but the super-fun team at i heart faces blog is having what they call a "fix-it-Friday." Which basically means they post a photo, and challenge everyone to edit in a creative way. It's so much fun to see what different people come up with- I just had to give it a try.

Because, to tell the truth, whenever I look at unedited photos that aren't mine, I think of how I'd fix them up. I don't use photoshop, instead I take advantage of the free Aviary software, and of course, my beloved iPhoto program.

Here is the original photo. (Cute kid, eh?)

The thing that stands out to me about this photo is the wonderful composition. I'm sure if the photographer would have given us their edited version, it would have been even more gorgeous. 
(Actually some of the I.H.F. photographers did. You can see their results on the blog.)

I wish I could go into detail about how I edited this photo, but since I did everything rather haphazardly, I can't really show you all every step.
I took the photo to Aviary, and played with layers- also adding a texture I found on Pixmaniaque's stock library. (I'm indebted to all you stock texture providers- your work makes my hobby fun!)

I brightened various parts of the photo, as well as tweaking saturation, color levels, and tons of other stuff.

All for now!


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Samantha said...

Great job, he is so cute!