Monday, August 17, 2009


3Hello friends! Thought I'd post some pictures from last weekend. (And yes, I know I'm having major problems with exposure, etc. All white blanks in the following photos are pieces of sky. I promise.)

I was in Seattle Saturday. We'd been visiting my grandma, who lives on one of the Washington islands. Every time we visit her, we all go into Seattle for a day. It only takes thirty minutes to ride the ferry from the island dock to the city port. 

I have more photos I'll post later of the actual island, but for now I'll just leave you with the ones from Seattle.


I guess people in large cities learn how to do things anywhere, anytime. I certainly haven't mastered the art of sleeping in public places.

Taken in a small cafe serving Mediterranean wrap-things. The only thing I hate about these places is their lack of restrooms. Several members of my family thought it was unreasonable to have to walk a few blocks to one, only to find that it was shut down for maintenance.

Bottega Italiana is a cute little gelato cafe, as you might have guess from the picture above. They have amazing flavors like strawberry-basil (yes basil, like the herb), and pear. Plus, I love the interior.
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How cute....A toddler eating a little toddler-sized scoop of gelato. He felt right at home here.

(Picture by Louis, who wanted credit.)

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Sometime later I'll post the pictures of the street musicians. They were quite interesting;)

I'm off to do some reading that needs to be finished before school starts in September....



Hannah said...

That's cool that we were both up there! Who knows - we might have seen each other!! =0

Ellie Snider said...

ohhh I LOVE city pictures. You have some really awesome ones here!!

Meg said...

Has anyone every mentioned that you take AAAWESOME pictures? Man, I'm hiring you for my wedding (if I happen to be marrying someone in Oregon or thereabouts). I'll probably have to find a groom, but that's no problem. ;)
I have cousins who love the Island, and spend every summer there. The pictures you took of the cafes and streets are remarkably similar to those in Germany and Europe. Keep it up! (I want your camera so bad)

Elizabeth J. said...

Very neat pictures! I like your new profile pic.

Anonymous said...

I tell ya girl-
You and your camera have
a future together...


Sarah E. said...

Great pictures, Natalie!