Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Casual The Cat

It's not often that my dog gets a whole post to herself. And I'll dare say that none of my neighbor's pets has ever been featured on this site.

But then I snapped a few good shots of Casual the Cat- and I knew I'd have to show you.

Casual is unlike any other cat I've met. I understand, certainly, that cats are prideful and arrogant creatures by nature. I've owned a few before. (I mean- I still own them. It's a long story you've probably heard before so I won't elaborate.)

I like cats. They are generally soft, polite, and most importantly- clean. (Well, most of them are, anyway.)

Though my neighbor's cat Casual is soft, clean and polite- he possesses a few peculiar qualities.
Casual, I believe, is a Maine Coon Cat. He supposedly likes going to the groomers to get a bath. (It took a shower with a good strong door and a determined adult to scrub gasoline out of my cat's fur.) And once a year Casual is given a lion cut. This means that every spring I'll look out the window and see a large beast-cat with fluffy Ugg boots, skinny legs, and a puffy head. It's quite amusing. But most of the time Casual possesses all of his fur.

Casual is not disturbed by his appearance. Or anything else, for that matter. Casual's tolerance of various indignities may be termed "dog-like," but Casual would never lower himself to the level of a dog. Ever. The world would cease to turn if Casual did not uphold his dignity. There is nothing shameful about furry Ugg-boot haircuts.

I kind of like Casual.


Meg said...

Now I'm crying because I miss my dear grey cat, Charlotte. She certainly had a few personality quirks, but she loved me and I loved her (sob, sniffle). She is in America somewhere, I think. She had penetrating eyes, yes indeed.

Sarah E. said...

I like the second one best. They are all good!