Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oregon Coast

Those of you who live near or have visited this usually blustery, grey, and rainy coast will know that the sky and water are usually not this blue. Actually probably never.....
BUT- we can imagine, right?
Please? Because I'm in love with editing. It makes me happy.

I like our beach. Never in my life have I ever seen the shores crowded with people. It's big, clean and cool. Cool as in- well, usually cold. But if you go in August or September chances are you'll get good weather.  We went last Sunday and it was gorgeous.

My dad was kind enough to think the dog might like to come. Usually she gets left behind due to various reasons. But we brought her:) She was happy.

(All pictures depicting me were taken by my mom;)


Miss Rachel said...

Beautiful photos! I love ocean photos... the sand is so neat! Wonderful photos!

~Miss Rachel

Superchick (aka Kinsey) said...

Beautiful!! I wish I lived there ;)!


Samantha said...

Great photos,
You live near a BEAUTIFUL beach :)

Jessica said...

Love the close up of the log/driftwood!

Sarah E. said...

WOW!!! That beach is beautiful. :D