Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

 It's Indian Summer where I live. A somewhat nearby Oregon wildfire is sending smoke and ashes into our valley- which makes for some pretty interesting "weather." 

      Yesterday we all felt like we were living in a photoshopped image- the light was so strange. I was down at the track this morning running like I've been doing every other day the past few weeks (hi mom!), and I happened to catch an amazing sunrise. The sun was actually pink- from all the weird stuff in the air, I'm guessing. (If I'm wrong feel free to correct me.) The picture I'm sharing with you is not of this amazing sight (it was taken a bit later- I had to run home to get my camera.)

    The football team was practicing under this glorious sphere, the sprinklers were doing their job, and it was altogether a lovely (though polluted) start to a good day.

    I guess people in typically smoggy cities get to enjoy prettier sunsets and sunrises. The air is usually clear around here, which I appreciate- but I kind of hate to lose this real life "effect."


Samantha said...

Awesome photos, hope that smoke clears :)

Sarah E. said...

Love the one of the grass!