Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tartine+Ice Cream

I've made more batches of biscotti this past summer than you'd care to know about. Excepting those kind of crisp "coffee" cookies, I'm really haven't been much of a cookie person lately. Not that I don't like eating them- I am firmly committed to loving that variety of baked good to the end of my life.

Lately, though, when I want to new recipe out, I'm more likely to make something like scones.

This summer I met the Tartine Cookbook. And I instantly fell in love with it. Tartine Bakery is located in San Francisco and purportedly has a ridiculous amount of people lined up outside waiting to enter every day. I've never been, but I believed the rumors after I tried a few recipes out.

(This recipe is for lemon bars.)

I think the thing that made me first love the book was the amazing food photography. I follow a number of food bloggers- not because I'm in the habit of making their recipes, but simply because I'm in love with their photos.
The Tartine Cookbook made me want to visit the bakery, take pictures of it- and eat it in its entirety. Er, I mean just the food.

Anyway, I usually don't say this about those outdated things called "cookbooks." I'm an Allrecipes person. I have entered the twentieth (I mean twenty-first) century. Come and join me. I know you'll like it here.

But I cannot resist Tartine's pictures. Or their food.

Yesterday I saw a recipe in the book for chocolate cookies. As I said, I'd been in a major scone/pastry making mood- but I was busy and this particular recipe looked tempting.

We had a lot of leftover ice cream from a pizza party with friends last Friday. I got the idea to make homemade ice cream sandwiches using the Tartine cookie recipe.

Behold:  (And yes, I'm sure Tartine's cookies are more photogenic than mine. Sorry.)

Now these are not the prettiest ice cream sandwiches. The edges are not scalloped-rather falling off. 

The cookie recipe was a little frustrating. You're supposed to take them out of the oven when the centers are still soft. I learned that I had to trust the recipe, but also use common sense and not remove them from the oven when they're still a pile of hot, gooey chocolate. 

Despite their uncouth appearance, these were SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. And it was all Tartine's fault. 

You can find the recipe here- on some other person's
 blog. I love getting out of "hard" work like typing recipes. Go check it out! (

And remember, LEAVE THE COOKIES on the sheet until they cool a bit. Otherwise, like me, you'll end up with misshapen, bent cookies. Do as I say. Also- the ice cream depicted is mint chocolate chip. It blended nicely with the super-rich cookies.



Sabrina said...

Hi Natalie,
Sabrina Thorn here. Just curious how you made chocolate chip ice cream. Cherry chocolate chip is my all time fav. And since we have a cherry tree...But when I add the chocolate chips it just doesn't taste the same as the store brand. Do you use a special kind of chocolate chip???? Your ice cream cookies look divine. My family would love the falling apart cookie that drop into the mouth with every lift of the arm. Missing you and your family.

Cara Hogervorst said...

I think you're ready for anything by cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum! Her pie and pastry bible is incredible...


Anonymous said...

Oh Natalie!
You are just killin me with
those those....


Inspiration:) would love to get that recipe...

Also, just for the record my
favorite picture is the one with
Lucy in the background;)