Saturday, October 3, 2009


    I took these photos yesterday at an orchard festival we attended. The weather was perfect.
Today is one of those grey, rainy days. I actually don't mind it. I'm happy it's Autumn and I can attend classes, bake "fall stuff," and most importantly, wear winter shoes and coats. (OK, so maybe I got a little carried away this morning when I almost wore a scarf to church.)
    So yes, I like rainy fall days. But I also like those days in early fall when the sky is bright blue and the air is crisp. Yesterday was one of those days.
To me these shots scream summer. But they were actually taken in a pumpkin patch with a bunch of people nearby drinking cider and eating apple crisp.

The clouds were so glorious. If I could control one thing about outdoor photo shoots I'd be the sky.

I think photographs are essentially like food and drink. There are dark, sophisticated pictures that could be compared to a glass of red wine or a gourmet meal, and then there are simple photos that evoke things like orange juice and bubble gum. Both are good in their own ways, though extremely different. (Although is bubble gum even considered a food? Never mind...)
Anyway, I like both kinds of pictures. I could never be one of those people who only takes happy pictures or one who produces only serious images.


Superchick (aka Kinsey) said...

My gosh these look so professional! You do a wonderful job! Anyways lovely pictures!!!


Sarah E. said...

What cute pictures!! I like them all. :D

Meg said...

Such a sweet girl in a sweet dress! I'm envious of your weather, dear. And now I want a balloon.

HannahP said...

So SWEET!!! Love them all. =)

Katie said...

Found your blog through The Rebelution -- you are incredibly talented. The pictures are gorgeous!