Monday, October 26, 2009

Variousness (which is a word)

It's fall. And for me, it's also somewhat of a break week. (For math and choir at least.) Sigh.
water droplets on a leaf
[This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the post. Texture by Groundfloor. He's got fabulous stuff, by the way- check it out.]

That means I can spend all day studying to get my driver's permit, or reading Roman history.

(Or just, well you know- hanging around on Twitter.) *blush*

But wait! I don't have a Twitter account any more. I deleted it today. Chances are you didn't notice. It's not exactly the most sensational news- "girl spontaneously decides to delete account on social networking site!"

That said, I am a big fan of Twitter, and it does indeed feel funny not to have one anymore. (All you non-Twitter uses have my permission to stop reading now.)

Anyway, it was just a time waster for me. I'll be honest. I think it made me get ADD. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

I'll be honest- I'm keeping my Facebook because I would hate to loose touch with people. Bad excuse, maybe- but if I cut everything off at once things might go downhill.

Moderation in everything, friends!

But back to the break! I needed this break. Not because I was physically or mentally unfit to continue- simply because I needed to focus on a few particular things.

1. My essay on the Aeneid. Superb book. You must read it immediately.
2. My driving permit. Which involves reading the entire DMV handbook in one week and going downtown to take a test where I will possibly contract swine flu while standing in line.

Essays and people like Virgil are superb things. Driving permits are somewhat superb, but DMV centers and swine flu pandemics are not. But you already knew that, right?

As far as recipes go- I have been making things. My mom and I made an excellent banana cream tart for a church potluck a few weeks ago, but my pictures are really, really crummy. Oh well. It tasted wonderful, despite the fact that I was summoned to the desert table to hack it into pieces. I am ashamed of all of you who could not take on a banana cream tart crust! Wimps!

I am excessively happy because one of my photos made it onto the Pioneer Woman Photography site! I don't have time to explain the details, but here's a link to the post if you haven't seen it already. It was pretty weird waking up that Monday morning and seeing a portrait of my sister up there!

I'm thinking about doing a video blog post. Not exactly sure why.....maybe I should just interview my brothers. What do you think?

Also- what do you think of this video? I was amazed. I'm figuring he really did read it- but I'm not exactly sure. (And don't say I'm just jealous because I could read through the entire Western canon if I had his skills. Savor the words, please!)

Have a lovely week!



Ellie Snider said...
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Ellie Snider said...

*shakes head* Natalie, Natalie, Natalie you will not catch the swine flu when standing in line.
You are a very silly girl :)
btw that picture is really amazing!!

Samantha said...

love the photos :) great post :)