Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Saturday Post

In honor of the fact that it's Saturday, and now November- I though I'd post some "vintagy" edits.

On Wednesday my cousins came down to visit. They are really fun to be around, although some of them were a bit ornery when we went to the park to take pictures;) During the twenty-four hours they were here, no less than 100 pancakes were consumed, the neighbor's bamboo bush was made slightly smaller, and I heard rumors about a 9:45 trip to Wal-Mart.

They definitely need to come down more often. My family is going up to their house for Thanksgiving this year- can't wait!

Mercy is so sweet. She loves to help, and is willing to stand for long periods of time while I take pictures. Must be a girl thing.

I made her wear my flower headband. I love that thing.

The boys were clearly interested in something else- namely my brothers goofing off a few feet away.

 Taken a few weeks ago on a Sunday drive to an orchard. Lookin' east!

 I like red barns.
And, as if I couldn't get any more random- thistles!

Here's one I snapped of our house yesterday. See that walnut tree? I have more to say on that big sucker later:)

Happy Saturday everyone! 
I hope you have a lovely weekend full of beautiful things.....(cookies?)

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Sarah E. said...

How sweet!! They look like lots of fun to photograph. :D