Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Thoughts-Part II-Boots and Vodka

[My new rubber boots, which have absolutely nothing to do with this post.]

I love Sundays. Every third Sunday my church has a potluck. I might have said "communal meal," but some might mistake me for a Spartan, a communist- or both.

There are some excellent bakers at our church, and this particular Sunday, someone had made a beautiful apple pie. It tasted excellent, and as soon as I tried it I made an offhand remark to my friends that it seemed to contain alcohol. Nobody believed me. I said it was probably vodka. They still didn't believe me.
We asked the maker of the pie. Sure enough- it contained a small amount of vodka. VINDICATED. Now I would like to make a few things clear to those who gave me funny looks:

  • Yes, I have tasted vodka by itself before. It was vanilla flavored.
  • Yes, I have Lithuanian ancestors. And we all know that Lithuania, for all practical purposes- is RUSSIAN. Just like Canada is really North Montana. At least Lithuania not as obscure as Kyrgyzstan.
  • No, I am not a closet drunk.
  • Also, am not any sort of alcoholic whatsoever.

The only alcohol I can really tolerate by itself is wine. (Which, being underage- I do not drink. Communion and an occasional sip at home are not the same as as a full glass.)
I probably don't need to say this, but my family is not opposed to alcohol. (Although we are most definitely not in the habit of drinking vodka and whiskey.) Medio tutissimus ibis. Or, in plain English- moderation in everything.

Back to Russia:
I was somewhat alarmed upon learning that the word "vodka" is a diminutive of the Russian word for water- "voda."
That explains a lot. "
Recently rumors came out that Russian leaders are not adverse to having vodka toasts in the morning. But we already knew that, right?

Drink your orange juice, please. If you do you will earn the eternal thanks of your Lithuanian friend who likes poking fun at Russians. (I will not apologize to the Russians, but I do beg pardon of Canadians everywhere. I have grossly insulted you tonight and trust I am sufficiently

On another note (quite literally)- I saw a musical version of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn this last Friday. It was thoroughly charming and delightful. (I am in awe of good actors and good music.) My mom, two brothers and I went with Andre's English class. It was a long show, but so much fun to watch. I love theater.

I think that's all for tonight.....hope you all have a productive week!

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sarah p. said...

I didn't know that about Canada! Hahaha. :D Funny what you learn.