Wednesday, November 18, 2009

End of Fall

Hello friends. Today I bring you pictures.
But not just pictures. I always like reading every one's Wordless Wednesday Posts, but I can never post a picture without a few words. (Actually more than just a few words, but I digress...)

I've probably said this before- but I just love fall. This year I was especially sad to see all the beautiful leaves drop from the trees and get shoveled into heaps by loud backhoe-type machines that terrorize the neighborhoods every November.
Actually I should rephrase that- I was glad those machines paid me a visit yesterday. Begone slimy, rotting leaves!
But they are pretty.....
Winter is somewhat dull where I live. We don't get copious amounts of snow or debilitating ice storms. This is not to say I live in the tropics. Living in a valley, we get tons of rain. I like rain. Not when it interferes with my plans, of course.

Though I love rain, I also love those November mornings when you go outside and the sun is shining and the air is crisp and clean. I certainly don't like getting up in the morning, but once I'm up I'm generally happy.
I raked leaves outside this morning before my brother and I left for classes. It was a glorious morning. These pictures were taken a few days ago but I think they capture the feeling of these last few days of fall. 

Concerning other things.....
I wish I could really and truly participate in this. But seeing how certain people read this blog, I can't reveal too much about my projects;) 

That said, I will probably have more pictures in the next few days concerning homemade Christmas items. I've spent the last few days baking and packaging dipping cookies for a Christmas bazaar benefiting a local pro-life resource center. Thanks to my mom, we also have plates and boxes full of cookies and other treats that will be dropped of tomorrow morning with my biscotti. I hope to get some shots of our projects and post them on here for your enjoyment.
I also want to do a few posts on wrapping paper substitutes- stay tuned! (Now for some good natural light!)

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sarah p. said...

What gorgeous pictures!!!! I love, love, love them all. :D You are so good!!