Monday, December 21, 2009


[I understand this is not the most festive picture. I have been photographically-challenged the past few days.]
 I feel like I've been ready for Christmas since October. Strangely this fact does not dampen my excitement. I cannot wait for Christmas Eve- my family's church is coming over to our house. (Yes our church is small.)
Today my family decorated cookies with our old neighbors. And that would be "old neighbors" as in kids we used to live next to five years ago, not elderly neighbors:)
I made the frosting.
I have a new policy. I will only make white frosting for Christmas cookies. Nothing is more appetizing then a cookie smeared with bluish-greenish past and crowned with a sorry heap of red sprinkles, right?

White is such a nice color.
I hope you've enjoyed this random post full of photos of dead things found in my backyard. The pickings are slim in winter, when it comes to photographic subjects. My brothers can be squirrels sometimes.

Over and out. Enjoy your Christmas!



Michael Fransen said...

Your pictures are burgeoning with life! Thanks for them.

Esther Zimmerman said...

I love them all....
God bless,

Michael Fransen said...

You're amazing.