Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday Thoughts Part V

[lousy cursive, I know.]

And yet again the Sunday Thoughts Post is early. Better early than late, I guess.

I was very busy yesterday. After a morning adventure, my brother and I went to the school party I was telling you about. Before the actually party, all sixty-two of us piled on a bus and went to an assisted living center to carol.
To be honest, it was quite sad. Not sad because the elderly were physically neglected, of course. It just seemed like a lonely place. As a (relatively) wealthy country, we can have all the fancy living centers we want with all the comforts imaginable but depression can still enter in. Certainly there were happy and cheerful people there, but no doubt there were some who felt very friendless indeed. I hope at least some know God. That is definitely a comfort!
The book in the photo above is Clement's Exhortation to the Greeks. (If you didn't already read the title.) I'm reading it for my online lit class.
I love Clement. His writing style is so poetic and lucid.
The funny thing about these old books is that they don't seem very "scholarly." The content in the epics of Virgil and Homer is similar to what you'd find in gory, R-rated movies. (Sorry, but I had to say it. You know it's so true.)
Clement, though the content of his book is very edifying and godly- is not highbrow at all. That doesn't mean reading him isn't work- it's just that he is often clearer than the man who wrote the introduction!

Can I share a secret? Look at the picture below:
Every other page in my Loeb translation of Clement is Greek! (No, I don't read Greek. I wish I could, though.)
This means, of course- that I only have to read half the book! And I am not ashamed to say that. A short book is a finished book:) So direct your wrath at me English people! Hopefully after Clement I can read Augustine. And his book contains no Greek pages....

Well, if I don't post again for a while- Merry Christmas! It's a great privilege to be able to thank God for his wonderful gift we don't deserve. Enjoy the last few weeks of this year!


[p.s. if you want something funny to read go to this ancient article. I'm still giggling about the fate of those poor reindeer. MIT people are such showoffs.)


Kinsey said...

HaHa yeah I wish I could read greek too! That would be cool! Anyways, nice post, i seriously need to do one SOON.


Samantha said...

My friends brother ( i believe) can read greek *he is in college* lol it would be cool to learn but very hard :)

Andrew Anderson said...

Wow, I really like that picture!

And it's cool that it has the Greek too! (I read κοινη Greek)