Sunday, February 28, 2010

Portland Pictures Part 1

NOTE: I took so many pictures this weekend I'm going to have to do two posts. Stay tuned next week for more.

Every time I venture into urban environments, I'm reminded how bizarre people can be. The people in my neighborhood don't yell at me to take pictures of them, or comment on my gelato, or give long-winded lectures about the evils of drinking and cigarettes. And they definitely do not walk around with raccoon tails.

But here, they do.
Despite the weird people, I love cities. I especially like walking around with my friends and experiencing strange but delicious things like pear pizza.
We went to a huge old bookstore, which contained everything from Plato's Republic to cupcake-flavored dental floss. We successfully avoided the metaphysics section. I never cared for metaphysics. Maybe I would like it more if I knew what it was.
Since we collectively had three cell-phones, we split into groups and wandered off. Please note that we walked very fast, were very responsible, and had no communication whatsoever with any disturbing characters. This notice is hereby signed by all the girls who laughed hysterically at approximately 4:09 PM at a lady who appeared to have a live ferret hanging out her back pocket.
But then, you know- it was really just that raccoon tail I was telling you about.

I am proud to say I only almost got left behind once. It was probably a good thing I realized in time, because as far as I'm concerned- pay phones do not exist. And hanging out with the angry man on the corner who was shouting at someone (or something) did not sound very appealing.
Autumn was the GPS system.
Mrs. S. and my mom:) I love this picture of them.
Some epic ionicness. (Sorry, that was a homeschooled nerd moment.)

Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, girls! I had an excellent time.

PS: Sorry, Autumn- I tried to get you in that last one.


mandiimae said...

i absolutely love all the architecture. :)

Ellie Snider said...

Oh my goodness! Fun times! And I think it's so awesome that i have a friend who takes such amazing photos of the adventures we have. We shall never forget we could if we wanted to! ;)
Anyways, I LOVE the pictures you have of the old houses and such! Ah! Those turned out so good! They look so beautiful!
Can't wait for part two :)