Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sun and Sky

I think I stayed up way to late last night watching Olympic figure skating because as I sit and type these words I feel sleepier and sleepier. (It was worth it though.)

I have a bunch of fun pictures from last weekend to show you all, but they need some more editing. So I'm posting these ones from a few weeks ago....I miss the sunshine. I forgot where I found the texture. Oh well!

These pictures remind me of happy days, T.S. Eliot, and oil paintings. (Yes, that was kind of random.) Good combination, in my opinion.

I just want to lie under this lovely tree and read a book. Photography has a way of hiding reality, though. If I did decide to do this, I'd probably get run over by a garbage truck. Or get my clothes all muddy. There is no verdant pasture under this tree. (Plus, in the fall it has a malicious habit of dropping rotten walnuts on you.)


Hannah said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love your textures--where do you get them?


Megan P said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! =)

Amazing texture, too.