Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Food and a Mini Photoshoot

Today we took advantage of Starbuck's Free Pastry Day. You buy a coffee, and get a free baked good. A few of my brothers contemplated buying a frappuccino to accompany their doughnut.
My mom and I pronounced this to be an awful idea.
Buying a frappuccino and a donut is worse than drinking a huge fountain drink with your convenience store "biscuits 'n gravy" early in the morning. (Don't ask me why convenience stores sell biscuits and gravy. It was just a bad, bad idea to begin with.)
In the end, we all chose lattes.
But the fun wasn't over yet. A "Free cone" event was happening at an ice cream shop located approximately 1 mile from our house. The deal ended at 8:00 PM.
At exactly 7:55 three children and one adult vaulted into a suburban and were met by a very confused dog who had at some point been banished to her "jail" during the course of the evening.
She never questions why we do things like randomly jump in the car and drive away. No one tells her anything.

She ought to be thankful she has such an exciting life.

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