Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Saturday Commentary

I think this weekend has been equal parts depressing, terrifying, fun, and inspiring.
Depressing, of course, because this is the weekend when our politicians will most likely pass that unfortunate health care bill that will sink this country into debt and probably transform this country into the New Canada. (Not that it wasn't before- this is just the finishing touch.)

Terrifying, because we watched The Village last night after the younger kids had gone to bed. (My brother and I are still trying to figure out how a movie can be more scary after you find out that the "monsters" are just people.)

Inspiring, because my family and our two young friends attended a protest today against wasteful state spending. Our brilliant governor decided that he wanted to use a quarter-million of our taxpayer dollars to rename a local highway after a philanthropist who just happened to donate thousands of dollars to his campaign years ago. I could bore you with details about legal loopholes and hordes of angry citizens- but I'll spare you.

This weekend has been fun because we made it on two local news stations tonight for standing on an overpass waving neon signs. Unfortunately, as my mom pointed out, no one really watches the local evening news except for hospital patients.

On another note- it is Spring Break next week! Hopefully this will give me sometime to start my script draft....and some other stuff. I can't wait for April. Fun writing projects, a tea party...and probably tons of new photo opportunities.


Samantha said...

Good for you to go out in protest! :)

My "spring" break is in 2 weeks :)
I say "sping" because i'll most likley still be doing

Faith said...

The Village is one my favorite(If favorite is the word to discribe it?) movies. I love how you have absolutely no clue what is really going on until the end.