Sunday, March 14, 2010


I understand posting 8-month-old photos is a little like bringing stale cookies to a party. Most everyone has seen and tasted them and has probably assumed they were gone for good- but here they come again!
If I talk about aging baked goods for too long, I remember an unfortunate incidence years ago at a bake sale I was holding with some friends where I immaturely (and loudly) told one of our customers exactly how old the cookies were. The cookies weren't stale in the least, but it just sounded...bad.

But let's face it- both cookies and photos age quite well.

Since I received Aperture 3 last month, I've been flipping through my iPhoto archives finding old photos to fix up. (Almost all the following copies have not been posted here yet, however.)

I love Aperture's "Toy Camera" effect.


Susan said...

What is aperture 3? Your photography is really good.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love that one of Dad and Susanna walking..It looks like a story illustration!


Natalie said...

how can i follow ur blog?

Susan said...

Are you happy with aperture3? How difficult is it to use. I am never going to be a photoshop user. Besides, it is too much money!Thanks.

mikaela said...

how very cool! these pic can never get old!!!

Anonymous said...

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