Monday, March 8, 2010

Poultry Tales

My family is watching our friends' three chicks this week. They're staying in a crate next to my sister's bed. Pure adorableness.

Despite this big "suburban chicken craze" that has supposedly been sweeping the nation, we don't own any chickens.
In fact, we don't own any "farm" animals- unless you count the dog. I don't.

Needless to say, having three baby chickens upstairs has been quite the sensation around here. I understand that poultry-in-the house is not a new concept for many of you.

But if you are a suburbanite like I am- you'll understand how novel these creatures are.

My siblings were intrigued:

Jerome (2) calls anything with a beak a "duck." He comes into my room and gazes reverently at the chicken-wire cage, occasionally reaching out to touch it.

Gabe (10) seems to think they are baby falcons. "Mom, look! It's perching on my arm!"

Personally, I'm just wondering how little balls of fuzz can be so darn cute. I'm also wondering why they have a tendency to poop on the carpet when we take them out of the cage.

I guess freedom and nature call at the same time.

Last year I visited my cousins and went out to the yard to see their new birds. My young cousin unexpectedly picked up a big chicken, and after letting out a emphatic yell, launched the creature up into the air. It came sailing back down to earth, completely and utterly unperturbed.

I can assure you it went on to get married, have 20+ children, and live a generally prosperous and happy life. (But that is just a very random guess, you know.)

I have no way of confirming that this was the aforementioned bird:

But I think it perfectly captures the mood of that particular chicken that day.

It was indeed one giant step for chickenkind.


Anonymous said...

Love this post....and that picture of Daniel...;)


Kristen Moss said...

I NEVER EVER, ever, ever, admit to people when I start reading their blog and they have no idea who I am. (this happens a lot.) but I have to disclose myself for you for several reasons.

1.I LOVE your photography. I studied photography a little in college and am now TRYING to develop my talent, but I truly find inspiration in a lot of your photographs.
2. I have a two year old and a baby on the way and my husband and I have been meddling over homeschooling for some time. After reading your blog and seeing how sophisticated and smart you are, while still upholding whit and charm, I am convinced it is the route I want to go.
3. I love the simplicity of your posts. Purely and simply awesome.
4. After reading your blog for a few days now, I had a dream last night (I am pregnant so they get kind of weird these days) that I could not find something, I dont remember what it was, something like my watch or wedding ring something important, and after searching for hours I just said "OH, I will call natalie... she is so smart she would tell me where to find it." I did call you and you had NO idea who I was. This tells me that I thought that you were some kind of all seeing and knowing person who is super smart. Anyway I dont dream about people very often and I thought this was kind of interesting.

After reading this comment, I think I sound kinda creepy. I am not I promise, I am just a fellow blogger who stumbled upon your blog on the feedjit popular Eugene blogs list. I am now your fan.

Ps. Again please don't think I am creepy. just a fan.

Anonymous said...

Just stoppin in for a visit. Love those pics!


Anonymous said...

OH and can we have a copy of the last one? She is part of the family you know...