Thursday, April 22, 2010

iFly to Old Gas Stations

I love those random little things that make my life a tad bit more exciting. A few months ago I received a Flickr message from "Sebastiaan," who apparently collects photos for iFly, an online magazine the Royal Duch Airline company (KLM) publishes. (Completely random, considering that I have absolutely no stock photo connections.) Apparently the mag team was putting together a spread on Oregon and needed some images to entice their readers to fly halfway across the world.
To be perfectly honest, I was somewhat puzzled. I mean, Oregon is really gorgeous- but out of a multitude of Flickr photos, they selected a shot of a gas station out in the sticks of Eastern Oregon?
<span class=Don't get me wrong- I love old gas stations. If I could photograph only one thing for the rest of my life, I'd seriously consider primordial gas stations. It's just that when I took this picture, I wasn't exactly envisioning upscale Dutch traveling magazines. I was just in awe of the dusty, rugged, stunning land that stretched on for miles. (I was also aware of the poor quality of the outhouse behind the convenience store.)

I didn't get paid anything, of course- but looking back I should have tried to get some tulips out of this deal.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, that's pretty insane. You should have milked some cash out of it, though :D. It is a strangely enticing picture, though.

T in Mapleton said...

When I think of Oregon, I think of the majestic forests or the dry, high deserts. Or maybe the rugged coast line or lighthouses. But old gas stations? Oregon hasn't got a thing on the cool looking old gas stations of the midwest and south. Oh well. Great post.