Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Monday Adventure

Monday afternoon, after my classes ended, my mom and I drove up to Portland for Ree Drummond's book signing that started at 6:00 at a local bookstore. We were both ridiculously excited- both of us are hardcore PW fans. Completely and utterly obsessed.

I'm not usually interested in book signings. Twilight? Harry Potter? Thanks but no thanks- I'll be hiding in the poetry section. You can come find me when the hordes of maniacal teenage zombie zealots dissipate. (No offense to my friends who read these books.)
Drummond, from what I could tell, is just as kind, gracious and funny as she is on the internet. Since over 500 people showed up, my mom and I had to wait a good while to get our book signed. We went and had dinner, shopped a little bit, and found a good frozen yogurt shop. At ten we drove to my aunt and uncle's house- nearly getting lost in the process of navigating urban highways.

But back to the actual signing event. Before the PW arrived, the bookstore staff guy who was organizing the event felt the need to tell a crowd of 500 women that Drummond was detained because of that "cloud over Iceland" and that she wouldn't be able to make it.
If I remember correctly, no one laughed. Until, of course, PW showed up.


Susan said...

What did you say to her and what did she say to you when you had your book signed. If I were alone I'd have waited for you but I had to get my family home. We made it back about 11pm. I was a bit giddy and stupid, not saying much and felt like I blew my chance to you know, make an impact. Oh well, it was sure fun though. I was glad you and your mom were there to talk too and I was glad I had Jeep their to help with the kids for potty breaks and all.

Susan said...

Hey--where is your photo with PW?

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love the pictures!


Lynae said...

Hey! Now we've both gotten our pictures taken with her! Very cool Natalie!

Anonymous said...

As a hardcore fan of PW myself,you couldn't drag me to a Twilight or Harry Potter book signing; but if PW were to have a book signing anywhere in my city; I would be there with bells on!

T in Mapleton said...

I'm happy you got to meet her. She's great! (well, from what I know of her on her blog)