Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old Pictures, New Edits, and Fresh Inspiration

Yes, I know. It's true that bloggers only post old photos when they really don't have anything new to show. At the moment I'm in that predicament. I have to say though, these ARE new edits. And you probably haven't seen them because they've been hiding away a folder on my computer. Because they really aren't the greatest pictures. You probably guessed that. Too blurry, overexposed....the list goes on. I am, however, currently in love with them.

Messy images often irritate me. I'll admit I'm a fan of all those wedding photography blogs sporting gorgeous pictures so crisp and colorful I just want to faint at my desk.

But I'm also fascinated by photographers who purposefully (or accidentally) allow their photos grainy and shadowy. Or even- gasp- blurry!

It's kind of like art. Polaroids are fascinating. I love 52 Weeks Of Polaroid, a blog maintained by a very talented lady who decided to post a polaroid photo every week for a year. Hardly any of the polaroids are sharp- but the blurriness is what gives them their charm. They have a certain mood to them- somewhat peaceful.

I became ridiculously inspired when I saw Hugh Forte's "travel photography." If you could call it that. There are no famous landmarks (at least not that I could recognize), only shadowy figures going somewhere. All the images look extremely modern. (And sharp, unlike the equally amazing polaroids.)

When I try to apply b&w or sepia effects to my photos, they just look old. As in vintage old. (I'm fine with that. Send me back to the 40's. Old-time Massachusetts would be ideal.)

I do understand the modern cars kind of give away my old feel, of course:)

    When I started submitting photos to Flickr groups, I received all sorts of feedback. Sometimes it was very honest- which I appreciated. My pictures were supposedly cropped in the wrong places, had exposure problems, or subject was in the wrong place. I needed (and still do need) this feedback.
But I love just playing with colors and textures, knowing most of these wouldn't be appropriate for a contest. Speaking of which- remember the county fair contest I told you I was entering? I ended up entering this and this and this. 

   But back to topic.
    Maybe I like all my blurry work because it brings back happy memories. (Although I know a lot of these look pretty foreboding.)

What's your opinion on making things look old? Obviously in fifty years our "modern" photos are going to look pretty "dated" themselves. So why age our photos more?
I'm also curious about what my readers think about the no-frills photography that does not deal with cute children, and smiles?
I love smiles and children, and I like pictures of them. I also find the edgier, urban shots fascinating. Perhaps it's because I like to picture all the amazing music I could set to these sort of slides.
I wouldn't say I like dark and creepy photographs. I like portraits of people who are relaxed, happy- even radiating joy. 

But I also like urban shots that capture a mood. A hurried mood, a quiet mood, or just a serious one. I think there's an artistic element to "ruined" photos. Instead of appreciating a perfectly balanced photo, I'm forced to concentrate on the mood, the colors, and the movement.

And that's why I'm hooked on this style.

Please excuse my rather disjoined and unpolished sentences. I'm being lazy right now. Anway, hope you enjoyed my ramble! I love all my readers.

For those who asked:

The book is Plutarch's The Rise And Fall of Athens.

And to get my market pictures, I just go to, well- the market! Mine's full of not-so-pretty stuff, but vegetables and fruit never cease to be gorgeous;)

I can't tell everyone where I live...due to privacy issues;) I can say I dwell in the beautiful Northwest. 


Anonymous said...

These are all beautiful and I like this post about what you enjoy most about your pictures..
Love this last one of Dad...


Meg said...

Hi Natalie!
Thanks for the award... I'll do it as soon as I can. I'm afraid I've been very busy and not on the blogosphere lately, but I just went and looked through your recent posts. AMAZING! I love you pictures. Although I've already told you that.
See yah 'round,